Transbiotic 30 caps - TransFormation


Supports the growth of normal beneficial bacteria in the gut*

Transformation’s Professional Protocol™ Transbiotic™ was formulated with an innovative prebiotic developed to support the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut through a mechanism that is not fiber or starch-based.*

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About Transbiotic 30 caps - TransFormation

Probiotics are living microorganisms which, when taken in adequate amounts, provide health benefits.* For example, maintaining a friendly environment in the gut supports the optimal absorption of nutrients.* However, to be considered beneficial, these “good” bacteria must maintain a delicate balance in the gastrointestinal tract.

PreforPro® Prebiotic:

  • Effective in small servings within hours (not days)
  • Functions in both the small and large intestines
  • Does not cause flatulence
  • Does not require refrigeration (but recommended for optimum activity)
  • Shelf life of 18 months

Probiotic Blend:

  • The PreforPro® prebiotic promotes the growth of our probiotic blend of Bacillus subtilisLactobacillus acidophilusLactobacillus casei, and Lactobacillus plantarum
  • These strains support the normal proliferation of beneficial bacteria*

Allergen Information

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Probiotic blend


Take one (1) capsule upon rising or at bedtime with at least 8 oz. of water or as directed by a health care practitioner.

Contents may be removed from capsule and taken by spoon immediately after mixing with a small amount of tepid water.

Refrigeration not required but recommended for optimum activity.


Storage Instructions

Store in a cool, dark place out of reach of children


Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. If you are taking prescribed medication, have any medical condition or are pregnant or breast-feeding please consult your healthcare practitioner before taking food supplements.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1 Capsule

Servings Per Container 30

Amount Per Serving
Probiotic Blend (1 Billion CFU) 299mg / †
Lactobacillus acidophilus‚ bacillus subtilis‚ lactobacillus casei‚ lactobacillus plantarum.
PreforPro® 15mg / †
LH01 – Myoviridae‚ LL5 – Siphoviridae‚ T4D – Myoviridae‚ LL12 – Myoviridae.

†Daily Value not established.

Other Ingredients: Delayed release capsule (hypromellose‚ water‚ gellan gum).