Nutritionist Team


Niki Bdesha


Niki is a Nutritionist and our Office Manager.

Niki has been working within the healthcare industry for over 5 years, previously within the NHS where she found her role rewarding, yet was restricted on the advice she was allowed to offer. She joined our company focusing on how natural remedies and nutritional supplements can further benefit well-being.

Her passion for Nutrition and Healthcare has led her to achieving qualifications in various healthcare sectors.
She is trained in Phlebotomy, Weight Management, Lifestyle Coaching and holds a Degree in Sports and Exercise Science.

Niki understands each individual’s healthcare journey is unique and aims to adapt her knowledge and advice to each individual to guide them to a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. She knows that people who are discerning about what they eat also want to make informed and responsible choices when it comes to food supplements.

As Office Manager, Niki will make sure each and every customer experiences the same high standard of service. We’re passionate about everything we do and we strive every day to make sure all our customers have the best shopping experience possible.

Aleasha Kiddle

BSc (Gold Medal holder)

Aleasha is a qualified nutritionist and our very own GB athlete in residence.  Having completed her BSc. Nutrition degree at St. Mary’s University, Aleasha has worked within the food industry in product development but found her true passion in promoting health to the public.

She has a keen interest in nutritional deficiencies and the impact they have on physical health, mental health and athletic performance.  As well as being a nutritionist, Aleasha just happens to have competed in the Bobsleigh for Great Britain. This gave her the opportunity to learn and work alongside a number of health professionals and other elite athletes to help aid and maintain correct nutrition to ensure optimal health and performance.

Aleasha has predominately provided one-to-one consultations in recent months which has helped her amass a wealth of knowledge in a number of specialities including dealing with food sensitivities and digestive issues, weight loss and improving general health and wellbeing. Aleasha loves to share her knowledge and learning with individuals to help enhance their health.

She might even tell you some stories of her bobsled adventures, if you ask nicely!

Liam Farrelly

BSc, MSc.

Liam Farrelly is a qualified nutritionist having completed a Master’s degree in Human Nutrition following on from a Bachelor’s degree in Sport & Exercise Science.

Liam believes that nutrition is one of the best tools within our arsenal to fight against ill health. His keen interest in health and wellbeing has seen him work alongside a selection of health initiatives. Such programs have had the fundamental aim of improving the health of individuals via small but sustainable changes to their dietary patterns, particularly within the elderly community where malnutrition is prevalent.

Liam has experience and knowledge within the following areas of Nutrition: Prevention and Management of Chronic Disease, Food and Nutrition Policy, Health Promotion, Life Cycle Nutrition, and Sports Nutrition.