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SEES-Plus is a perfect combination of Lomatium dissectum root, Dandelion root and Red root.

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About SEES-Plus, 100 caps - Barlow Herbals - SOI**

SEES-Plus is the capsule form of our popular MunityBoost product. MunityBoost was developed specifically to prevent the one-time detox rash and in the years that it’s been out it has been a wonderful precursor to using LDM-100. By using MunityBoost as a precursor to LDM-100 we have found that it greatly decreases the chance of a rash. If you’ve never taken Lomatium we would suggest starting with the liquid so that you can control the dosage a little better. The percentage of rashes is a little higher with the SEES-Plus for first time Lomatium users.

A few reasons people may prefer the SEES-Plus to the LDM-100 or MunityBoost:

1. Some people don’t like the taste of the liquid LDM-100 or MunityBoost.

2. Some people don’t like the alcohol content in LDM-100 or MunityBoost.

3. It’s a little easier to travel with the capsules rather than the liquid.

4. Just like the MunityBoost, it may also help prevent the one time detox rash that some get when using Lomatium for the first time.

While only about 7-10% get the Lomatium detox rash, please use it responsibly and recommend it carefully.  This is a very intense, full body, uncomfortable, itchy, miserable rash for some people.  If you don’t get the rash (most people don’t)  it doesn’t mean it’s not working.  Please educate yourself as much as possible especially if you’ve had long standing, chronic viral or fungal issues.

SEES-Plus is not recommended during pregnancy and has the possibility of the one-time detox rash due to the Lomatium root in this product.


Allergen Information


100 capsules


Lomatium dissectum root, Dandelion root and Red root.


It has 100 capsules per bottles with a suggested dosage of 1 capsule 3 times per day.  

When used as a preventative during cold and flu season the suggested dosage is 1 capsule once per day.

Storage Instructions

Store in cool, dry place.


Consult with a healthcare practitioner prior to the use of any new supplement.