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Frolov’s Respiration Training Device – LONG TERM OUT OF STOCK

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Frolov’s Device is a novel state-of-the-art respiration training device featuring a full set of healing factors, which may claim to be the most  advanced device for breathing exercises in today’s world.
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1 Device Cup

Frolov’s Device

The outer cup (beaker) of the Device allows the trainees not only to perform breathing exercises with water resistance, but also to inhale medicinal herbs vapors and aromatic oils. The beaker is designed so that it is comfortable to hold during the exercise sessions.

2 Internal Container

The internal container is one of the principal parts of the Respiration Training Device. Carefully designed bottom of the Device and its orifices (with special focus on the diameters, multi-graded position, etc.) ensure gradual change of breathing resistance during the inhalation and exhalation. This also makes it possible to select an optimal mode of exercising for both healthy, well-trained people and seriously disabled patients, as well as for preschool children. The novel container design provides an easy way for customer parameters setting before the exercises.

3 Essential Oil Container

The oil container is an advanced part of the Respiration Device. The container helps to expand significantly the capabilities of the Respiration Training Device and to use it as an inhaler. The container’s inner space aerodynamics is so that to ensure the greatest effect of aromatherapy and essential oils inhalation.

Only little amount of oil is needed, and the oil is consumed 100%. Three separate oil compartments are in line with the latest aromatherapy techniques to separate essential oils vapors for better results of the aromatherapy.

4 Device Cover

The cover of the Respiration Training Device performs several important functions. First, the cover is the main connecting element of the Device structure. Depending on the accuracy of the assembly, the cover ensures safe fastening of all the elements of the Device in the assembled state. Second, the cover is a functional element providing the right proportion of the mixed air components in the Device during the exercises.

Orifices on the perimeter of the cover are responsible for the proper airflow circulation inside the Device during the breathing exercises. In aromatherapy sessions, the orifices keep the airflow above the essential oil container, thereby ensuring constant concentration of aromatic substances in the inhaled air.

5 Breathing Tube

The breathing tube is designed so that to give maximum comfort during the exercises. Its corrugated surface allows taking any posture and can be used when the patient lies. Moreover, the breathing tube is an element of the Device’s aerodynamic design, which lets additional air in as needed for air mixing and secures extra resistance during the exercises.

6 Device Mouthpiece

The novel ergonomic design of the mouthpiece lets you hold it with your lips easily and comfortably. The mouthpiece strains no facial muscles even in the prolonged (20 — 30 min) exercises; its use is comfortable for children and persons with different facial muscles defects (that might be caused by strokes, traumas and neuritis).

The mouthpiece is equally comfortable for use by children, adults and the elderly.


Please follow the directions as provided by your healthcare practitioner


This product is sold at the request of a healthcare practitioner with whom we work, it is not sold with the intention of addressing any particular health concern.




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