New year, new me | Be a better version of yourself

Revamp your diet

When making changes for our health, start with what you put on your plate. Consider incorporating these into your daily diet.

  • Start the day the right way: Start with a breakfast which will provide you with enough energy to start the day and that will carry you through until lunchtime. Consider a morning smoothie with protein and plenty of berries for energy, fibre and flavour.
  • Colourful plate: Aim for a variety of colours of fruits and vegetables. Set yourself a goal of consuming 5 different fruits and vegetables a day. If you can do this already then try to increase up to 10. The more variety in colour, the higher amounts of vitamins and minerals you will consume.
  • Mindful eating: Chew food slowly and thoroughly. This will allow for better breakdown and digestion of food and absorption of nutrients. Eating slower will also improve portion control, help you feel fuller quicker and prevent overeating.
  • Hydrate: Drinking more water is often talked about but not often practiced. Try swapping that sugary drink for a glass of water. You can always try adding a slice of lemon or lime to add flavour and vitamin C! Swap a cup of coffee for herbal tea such as chamomile, peppermint or lemon and ginger.

Meal prepping

Make enough meals for lunches to bring to work instead of eating out and grabbing fast food. Opt for a balanced meal with veg, complex carbs and lean proteins.

Elevate your fitness

  • Enjoy working out: Exercise should be a part of our daily routine; whether it’s a daily walk, run, time in the gym, a fitness class or a yoga session. Is it important to get yourself moving each day as part of a healthy lifestyle. Try to incorporate these habits when approaching fitness to create a routine that you can stick to.
  • Be consistent: Establish a workout schedule you can be consistent with. Whether it’s a fitness class in the gym or online, daily walk/hike, or dancing, make sure you are doing something you enjoy doing as you are more likely to continue doing it.
  • Switch it up: Mix up your workouts. Try different forms of cardio as well as strength training and flexibility to keep things interesting and motivating. You can pick certain days for certain types of exercise.
  • Exercise buddy: Consider teaming up with a friend to help keep each other accountable to stick to your fitness routine or for general motivation to reach your fitness goals.

Improve quality of sleep:

  • Consistent sleep schedule: Try to stick to the same time you go to bed each night. Going to sleep and getting up at the same time helps to regulate your body’s internal clock, helping to promote better sleep quality.
  • Relaxing bedtime routine: create a pre-sleep routine to help your body relax and help your body wind down for sleep. This can include a relaxing bath or reading a book to help relax before going to sleep. Once ready for sleep, make sure the room is dark enough, quiet and a good temperature to ensure your sleep does not get disturbed by anything stimulating.
  • Digital detox before bed: Limit how much time you spend looking at your phone, laptop or tv. The light emitted from these devices can affect our melatonin (sleep hormone) levels responsible for our sleep and wake cycles.

Mindful Living: Daily awareness

  • Stress management: Its understandable that in this face paced environment that it can be stressful and hard to manage daily challenges when they arise. Consider trying daily stress management techniques to incorporate into your routine. Try daily meditation; there are many apps that can help guide you on how to start meditating and can be done for as little as 5 minutes a day!
  • Set realistic goals: Don’t set too many goals at once otherwise this can be overwhelming. Start with 5 smaller goals and build upon then as you go. Any bigger goals need to broken down into smaller, more manageable steps. There should be a sense of accomplishment when they are reached which can help to motivate you to go further.
  • Create Boundaries: Establish clear boundaries between work and personal life. Disconnect from technology when necessary and ensure you have time for activities you enjoy.

Embrace the new year with new goals or build upon existing ones. Try an overall approach to improving yourself through holistic health, improved fitness and better sleep and stress management. Remember each small step counts and the journey is ongoing.

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