MegaMag Muscleze Orange, 162g (30 servings) - Nutri Advanced


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About MegaMag Muscleze Orange, 162g (30 servings) - Nutri Advanced

MegaMag® Muscleze is a high strength magnesium powder, which incorporates malic acid, L-carnitine, creatine, glutamine and taurine to optimise mitochondrial energy metabolism and to regulate muscle and nerve function. It’s a pleasant tasting, easily digested and absorbed powder formula.


Allergen Information



Magnesium (bisglycinate and malate), malic acid, flavour: spray dried orange powder, l-glutamine, taurine, flavour: natural orange, potassium citrate, creatine monohydrate, l-arginine, d-alpha tocopheryl acetate, l-carnitine tartrate, magnesium oxide, pyridoxal-5-phosphate, thiamine mononitrate, niacinamide, calcium phosphate, calcium-L-methylfolate, sodium molybdate, selenomethionine, methylcobalamin
Additives: Natural orange flavour (orange flavour only), Spray dried orange powder (orange flavour only)


Add one scoop (approx. 5.4g) to water or juice, once or twice daily, or as directed.


Storage Instructions

Store in a cool, dark place out of reach of children


Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. If you are taking prescribed medication, have any medical condition or are pregnant or breast-feeding please consult your healthcare practitioner before taking food supplements.