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Paille Calamus Drinking Straw

An attractive spiralled glass straw mouth-blown, using traditional techniques. One idea is the glass vortex straw gives the water or liquid more energy like the energy that water has as it comes from the earth say from a spring. Lot’s of our friends use straws for their drinks and especially for example Fulvic Minerals which like Apple Cider Vinegar are much wiser to be drank through a straw. Suitable for hot and cold drinks.

The Theory behind the Glass Calamus Straw

The principle of the straw is to improve the biological value of potable liquids. The vortex is one of the most natural and powerful forms in nature.  Even today, the power and potential of the vortex is only beginning to be understood. The idea is a vortex creates an increase in energy level without any additional energy input, to an almost infinite intensity. The borosilicate glass of the drinking  straw makes it very durable as well as heat-proof, so you can use it with whatever beverage you desire.
The straw has been created on the basis of modern quantum physics as well as ancient insights into the  natural flow of life energy.

Putting Plastic in your mouth?

Straws are usually plastic, hardly a healthy choice, they can leak chemicals in minute amounts in the drinks.

Environmentally Friendly:

The straws will last a lifetime if looked after , clean them regularly.
Plastic straws which need to be thrown away after one use, not to mention the harm that is caused in there creation. Please consider the environment.

The flower of life

This powerful symbol – another expression of what is sometimes referred to as “Sacred Geometry”, is found in many cultures and religions – and also in the products. And for good reason. In its simple beauty and perfection, it is a symbol for the perpetual process of creation and, in the process, contributes to the harmonious reorganization or “structuring” of water. The Flower of Life consists of numerous overlapping circles. The starting point is the circle in the center. Represented in this circle is a basic, geometrical structure, which reveals that originally, all life sprang from a single source. Keyword: cell division. Cell division proceeds until every creature has achieved its appropriate and harmonious form. As this symbol is utilized in products, water held in these products remembers this “original code” through the influence of the Flower of Life. Water once again arranges itself symmetrically as it corresponds to its basic structure, the hexagon. And this same, original, hexagonal form is found in the Flower of Life!


Storage Instructions

Store in a cool, dark place out of reach of children


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