Oxygen Extreme, 4 fl oz (118.2 ml) - Healthforce Nutritionals - SOI


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About Oxygen Extreme, 4 fl oz (118.2 ml) - Healthforce Nutritionals - SOI


Suggested Use

1 serving. Drops may be divided to mask the slight flavor, or consumed all at once. Can be mixed with non-acidic fluids (ideally, fresh, raw vegetable juices or purified water). Do not mix with acidic fluids and avoid contact with metal. Greater or lesser amounts can be consumed as your nutritional situation dictates.

Intensive Use: 5-10 servings or more per day. Non-toxic

Suggested Adjuncts: Deep breathing of outdoor air, exercise, lots of plants in your home/work, uncooked fruits and vegetables and their freshly made juices, ginger root, Vitamineral Green and Vitamineral Earth (unique superfood complexes). HealthForce Truly Cares and is deeply committed to researching and providing the highest quality, most regenerative, non-toxic nutritional and life-enhancing products to humanity.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2 Droppersful (approx. 35 drops)
Serving per Container: 100

Other Ingredients

Purified water, oxygen, sodium chloride (salt), oxygen

Contains NO sodium chlorite or hydrogen peroxide (unstable oxygen). 100% stabilized oxygen