GutPro™ Spoon Set


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About GutPro™ Spoon Set

Three-spoon set to accurately measure dosages for GutPro™ Powder and GutPro™ Infant Powder. This will allow you to build up to your own specific needs and/or allow the entire family to take their individualized amounts.

Includes a handy dosage chart attached to the spoon’s keyring for GutPro™ Powder and GutPro™ Infant Powder.

Note: Please be sure that the spoons are completely dry before use.

Moisture can impair the potency of the GutPro™ within the bottle.

The potency of the powder is different than the potency of the capsules, therefore the spoons are only designed to be used with the powder.




Storage Instructions

Store in a cool, dark place out of reach of children


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